Be the couple your friends look up to.

HeyHon helps you save and prioritize relationship discussions for later, so you can bring them up when you're both at your best.

How it works

It's like an issue tracker, but for your love life.

Screenshot of HeyHon's mobile web app

1. Batch

When something comes up at the right wrong time, create a card and snooze it for later. You won’t forget about it, but you don’t have to deal with it right now either.

2. Triage

Your thoughts are all stored in your archive. If, later on, you realize an issue has handled itself, or it’s not really a big deal after all, you can delete it with a single tap.

3. Debug

If you do need to bring something up, you’ll have a record of the topic and how you were feeling about it. Share it with your partner with the push of a button.

Why HeyHon?

Make your relationship agile

Lighten your mental load

When you have a place to brain dump, you don’t have to worry about remembering all the things. You know they’re there, when you’re ready to sort them out.

Give yourself time to process

By snoozing an issue, you give yourself time to check: “Do I still feel this way?” and “Is it still important to me, now that some time has passed?”

Optimize your time together

HeyHon allows you to put a pin in things that might otherwise throw off your day—so you’re not hashing out the budget right before bed.

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Process nerds, this is for you.

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